Complete Guide about MX Player

If someone asked me about the best video player for their Android, I usually used to choose between two options: VLC or MX Player. Both were an excellent application for the task, with a huge amount of integrated audio and video codecs in addition to a friendly and powerful interface. But from now on, you may have to abandon the MX Player suggestion. If you have ever used it, you will surely already know the virtues for which it has so many users. It has gestures that help you control volume, brightness, and search options, in addition to incorporating multiple video codecs.

It is not that the video player has ceased to exercise its function, but a change in its orientation is so underway that we will surely stop knowing it as it was. Why? The new owners of the app, Time Internet Limited, an Indian subsidiary of the communication giant, plan to turn MX Player into a Netflix competitor.

This application is the most downloaded and best rated by users on the web. Some reasons for this success: the application supports multi-core decoding, CPU optimization, parental lock, full compatibility with Jelly Bean, and of course, the possibility of playing almost any type of video with sub- securities. Well, the good things about MX Player for Android don’t stop there, the player also lets you control playback with simple gestures, like swiping up / down for volume adjustments, or swiping up and down, left / right to go forward / backward in the video. So you can take advantage of these benefits now if you haven’t tried it yet, there are huge graphic and nice potentials that it offers. The recent update introduces an improved hardware decoder called H / W +. It also works on the Nexus 7 tablet and offers background play.

System requirement for MX Player

For Windows

  • Compatibility with a 2 GHz processor or higher with SSE2; a two-core processor is required for HDV editing
  • Microsoft Windows 10 (recommended with versions 1809 and 1903) or Windows 8.1 (Windows 7 is not supported); 64-bit versions only (32-bit versions are not supported)
  • 6.1 GB of available hard disk space to install applications; Additional 10 GB free space to download all optional content (cannot be installed on a volume that uses a file system case sensitive or removable flash storage devices)
  • Display and sound driver compatible with Microsoft DirectX 9 or 10
  • Windows Media Player (required to import and export Windows Media formats)
  • DVD burner needed to burn DVD

For iOS

  • Intel 64-bit multicore processor
  • MacOS version from 10.13 to 10.15
  • 8 GB of available hard disk space to install applications; Additional free space of 10 GB to download all optional content
  • 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • An Intel Core i7 processor and 16 GB of RAM are required for XAVC-S (4K edition) ‡
  • 1280 × 800 screen resolution (with a 100% scale factor)
  • DVD-ROM drive (for installation via DVD)
  • Internet connection is required to activate the product and download content.

Features of MX Player

Once the application parameters are set, which can also be accessed by pressing the Menu when watching a video, it is time to start playing. This is as simple as clicking on the selected file when viewed in the list.

Below are some main features of MX Player:

  • In the screen that appears, if you press on it, you see the controls at the bottom and include the usual ones. Also, there is a padlock on the left side that locks the screen to prevent unintentionally stop what you see. Also, there is an icon with two squares on the right side that serves to expand what you see in full screen, in case you are not in this screen mode.
  • In the upper part there is a tape that shows the name of the video that is being played and, also, the percentage that remains to be seen (in time too). Also, there is a useful button just to the right that allows you to change the type of decoding between hardware and software quickly in case you have visualization problems. Finally, the musical note allows you to choose the audio track of the file, if it contains more than one.
  • Among the menus that exist here is one really useful: Tools . This allows you to delete the video, if the application is configured, to see the Properties of the video (all its information). Also, if Configuration is selected, the specific menu mentioned above is accessed.
  • By the way, in Display you can turn off Automatic screen rotation and aspect ratio, essential if you connect the terminal to a TV. In configuration, here you can set different parameters of what you see on the screen that is automatically applied. In the window that appears you can see all kinds of options , among which the following stand out: use of the touch screen, set navigation options such as the operation of the slider and, finally, even the outline of the windows It can be adjusted.
  • The quality of the reproductions is excellent, being compatible even the videos in High Definition (Full HD) if the device allows it. Also, the fluidity of what you see is excellent, even when you quickly pass the video. Undoubtedly, the best in multimedia reproductions that currently exists and, the best, is that it is free (so it includes ads during breaks).
  • Moreover, you can choose audio tracks in case the movie contains multiple tracks

Download MX Player

For PC:

Now that we know what the MX player is used for, let’s see how it can be downloaded. As this software is only available on the Play Store, it is easy for anyone to download this form there. But in case you want to download and use this software on a PC, you should make sure you download an Android emulator and install the application to make it work.

For iOS devices:

One can download mxplayer from the Google palystore. Also if one want to download free version that is avaiiabel on its site. This application is not avaiaible by default in Android and iOS devices. If one want to buy this application then user can buy it from Google paly store at very reasonable rates.

The effectiveness of a multimedia player is recognized by its ability to play all types of audio or video files. It must also be able to provide a clear rendering without altering the sound or image. MxPlayer is a player that works on iOS device and supports most multimedia formats. Discover in this guide this software with multiple functionalities.

The free downloadable MxPlayer player on IOS stands out from its peers, thanks to its multiple features. It therefore provides users with several tools for a custom configuration. You can for example adjust the display of the subtitles (font size, offset with the image). You can also adjust the audio equalizer or change the graphic quality of videos with MPlayerX. It perfectly supports keyboard shortcuts, multi-touch commands as well as the Apple Remote.

For Android Device:

To play media on Android, you need a video player app. There are a variety of player apps on the market, but the MX player we’ll be introducing is well-known as a powerful Android video player because it supports a variety of video formats.

Below is the product page of Google Play.

If the download fails, you can download the MX player from the official website.

What you download on your Android phone can be installed and used directly, but once you download it on your computer, transfer the APK file from your computer to Android via USB cable. Then you can click to install MX Video Player.

After launching the software, the software will automatically scan your Android phone and the found videos will be displayed on the main interface. After that, you can tap the played video to play it.

How to use MX Player

MX Player has many options for use. One of them is to search for multimedia content in local networks or on the Internet. This option can be accessed by clicking on the menu icon and selecting the “Network streaming” option. You can enter addresses both by name and by your IP address.

To play a video, just click on it, and it appears on the screen in landscape. In addition to the usual video controls, two other interesting icons, a padlock, appear to block the player’s work and avoid unwanted keystrokes that can disrupt the vision. The other icon has two overlapping squares and serves to adjust the screen to different viewing modes (expanded or adjusted).

At the top of the screen, during playback, a button is included that allows you to switch between decoding by software or hardware (the positive of the latter is that it requires fewer system resources, but on the contrary, it offers less compatibility).

The various configurations make up one of the strengths of this application. Some MX Player configurations are:

  • Player: to set the behavior of the program in background executions or when resuming the viewing of a video.
  • Subtitles: contains the options to configure the subtitle text (size, color, speed, etc.).
  • General: to establish the general behavior of the application. It has options such as clearing the cache or resetting the default settings, an option that never hurts.

Pros of MX Player:

MX Player performs multi-core decoding, which means that it offers higher performance than other playback tools. This application use only a processor core that can offer up to 70% performance improvement, according to Google Play. This allows it to support content playback with a resolution of 1080p.

It should be noted as an interesting element in this application a large number of gestural controls that have been enabled to enable actions with manual shortcuts during multimedia content playback. For example, swipe from top to bottom on the left side of the screen to increase or decrease the brightness. The same gesture on the right side helps us to increase or decrease the audio volume. This is something worth spending some time to learn and use these shortcuts. Below are some pros of using MX player on your device:

* Multicore decoding that leverages the capabilities of devices with multi-core processors: up to 70% faster.

* Gestural controls that allow you to zoom in, out and move the image with ease.

* Gestural controls for subtitles and compatibility with a good number of its formats: SRT, SUB, SMI, TXT, SSA, ASS …

* Option for parental control.

* Decoding by hardware or software.

* Different playback options (background, random, from network …).

* Chromecast support: play videos from your mobile via streaming on your Smart TV.

* Compatible with Kodi XBMC media center.


  1. Which format is supported by Max player

You can run any type of music and video file on this player. This media player supports all types of files.

  1. MX Player vs. XPlayer: What is the best

MX Player and XPlayer both have their features. Mx player is good for Android devices.

  1. Is it worth to buy MX Player

MX Player is available free online and provides a maximum of its features. So I think no need to buy it, one can use its free version.


Conclusion: Watching videos is a daily task with new mobile devices, whether phones or tablets. As a rule, these include a native player that is suitable … but only that. If you want a specific application that offers you all kinds of possibilities, this is MX Player, a development of J2 Interactive, and that, without a doubt, is one of the best that exists today … but the best.